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Transform: Deep Dive into Your Practice

Spend 4 mornings committing to deepening your practice in the dawn. In these 2 hour practices, Margi will guide you, awakening the physical body and weaving in a practice that revives the mind, as well. There will be ample time to fine tune both common and more elusive asanas as well as work with exciting inversions and pranayama (breath practices). Margi has been teaching these morning immersions for 16 years and three things are constant: it’s a most rewarding gift to yourself, there’ll be interactive homework to take your practice off the mat, and a beverage will be served on the last morning.

All classes will be well rounded practices, with Margi’s signature style which includes breath awareness, intelligent sequencing, clear alignment cues, and personal attention.

  • Monday: Kapalabhati breath, standing poses, handstands.
  • Tuesday: Hip openers, headstand, viloma breath.
  • Wednesday: Backbends, forearm stand, same vritti pranayama
  • Thursday: Restorative poses, shoulder stand, viloma breath, and chai for post practice nourishment!

PRICING: $118; $98 for Namaste Members


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