Sleep Apps


Hello my dears,
Do you know about the app “Sleep Cycle?” You stick an i-phone under your pillow and it tracks the quality of your sleep. It also has an alarm feature that will only sound when you are in a light sleep cycle. I like the sound of that since I often feel like a hibernating bear in the morning.
Last month I taught a weekend of workshops with Mimi Kuo-Deemer at TriYoga in London. Mimi is an immensly calm teacher and the weekend was a combination of vinyasa and deep restorative yoga.
On Sunday night a few of us went out to catch up and be merry. One lovely and dedicated student showed me her Sleep Cycle app. In the weeks leading up to our weekend the quality of her sleep fluctuated from the mid-70’s to the mid-80’s. On Saturday night after a morning of hip openers and an afternoon of restorative yoga her quality was 99%. That’s right people, 99%.
You heard it here before and you will hear it here again. Yoga works. It simply does. Mic drop. I’m out.

Hey.  I made a salad and my super star friend Phyllis Grant wrote about it for her column on Food52. Check it out here.

I am staying put until mid-June and would love to see you in my classes at Namaste in Oakland and Berkeley and at the JCC in San Francisco. Continue to check back for my schedule, or email me for specifics.

June brings a long awaited dream of teaching in Japan. Osaka, here I come. 

Dream time.... 2016.

My next annual Calistoga retreat at Mayacamas will be on sale soon. The dates are set for February 26-28, 2016. This years retreat was enjoyed by all with rich yoga, delectable meals, games around a campfire, fantastic company, a seasonal cocktail and parting gifts!  Put the Napa Valley in your pipe for the new year.

My next teacher training in Bali is set for April, 2016. I will be with the the lovely Awakened School of Yoga team and my bud Sarah Trelease. If teacher training and Bali sound like a good plan for your personal development and/or career, this is for you. 

And..... August 13-20, 2016, my pal Mimi Kuo-Deemer and I are taking our teachings to Greece for a very special week of yoga and meditation.


Enjoy your precious day. If you are like my Texas in-laws, bask in the the calm. For the rest of us, when the tornado begins, find your breath and carry on!