Drum roll please......

Top ten reasons why you should sign up for the weekend yoga retreat at Mayacamas in the wine country of Northern California
February 26-28, 2016

10. It is time for some self care. You will be nourished.

9. Calistoga and the retreat center are totally beautiful.

8. You will be surrounded by wonderful, like-minded people.

7. I will be assisted in class by an amazing yoga teacher, Tania Varela-Ibarra. You get more hands on assists, she is an expert with modifications and will help you if you are dealing with an injury or a special need.

6. I have a present from Japan for participants. 

5. Saturday night we will play fun games around a campfire with s'mores. (Or tuck into bed, everything is optional.)

4. Stellar massage therapists on site: Fiana Anderson offering Thai and ayurvedic & Hayley Ebersole offering deep tissue.

3. The food is plucked from the farm. It is delicious and nutritious and all dietary restrictions are honored.

2. The hot tub is perfect, and for the bold the pool will wake you up.

1. Yoga, yoga yoga. I pull out the stops for you on retreat. Deep practice & hard relaxation, here we come.

Last year this retreat sold out early, so make sure you get on board by reserving your spot. 

Love always,


ps. don't hesitate to email with any questions.

pss. if you want to come but truly don't have the funds, let me know & I will meditate on a solution.


You may recognize the logo from the tube in London, which warns commuters that there is a gap between the train and the platform. As a yogi, I thought it meant to mind the gaps in between your thoughts. To notice when you can cultivate the wisdom to take a breath, mind the gap, and move from compassionate intelligence rather that from a habit that may be harmful. 

This idea is reiterated in a teaching from the brilliant author and Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl. This can be the greatest gift of your yoga practice so listen up:

"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom."

But what happens when you are cut off in traffic or when your kid spills grape juice on your white shirt as you are flying out the door for an important presentation?  Is there space between the stimulus and your response?

Yes there is. And our job as yogi's is to elongate that space and instead of impulsively reacting, perhaps sneak a breath and move forth with compassion and intelligence.

This technique is applicable on and off of the mat. Let's avoid shrinking the space, falling into the tracks and being yanked around from our habits. Shall we work on it? Pause, breath..... I think so.  It would be rude to disrespect Viktor.