From the moment you step foot on the ground in Bali, you’ll be surrounded by exquisite beauty and the warmth and graciousness of its people. Bali’s tranquil vibe, slower pace of life, and awe-inspiring landscapes and seascapes make it a perfect location for your yoga teacher training experience.

Your training takes place in a quiet seaside town in East Bali, a world-class destination for snorkeling and diving. Here, nestled on a peaceful, reef-protected lagoon of the Indian Ocean, you will experience a peaceful glimpse into Balinese culture. You will be blissfully removed from the crowds of Bali’s tourist-focused cities, while still being close enough to explore the island in your free time.

“Taken care of” – that’s the best way to describe how you’ll feel. From the breathtaking ocean views to the spacious well-appointed bungalows to the gracious and attentive staff, you’ll feel relaxed and cared for your entire trip.

When you’re not in training, you can relax in the ocean or the pool, or explore the local scenery and culture. Described as “staggeringly gorgeous” on TripAdvisor, and “Best in Class” by Frommers, the resort amenities include a full spa, on-site restaurants serving both traditional Balinese and Western food, and a lovely outside bar.




Four to six amazing teachers at every training…gorgeous ocean locations…delicious food…fun, interactive, and comprehensive training….a global community from all over the world….it all adds up to the experience of a lifetime! Here’s just a small taste of what you get! (scroll down for tuition package options)

Your training is more than just learning yoga poses. Sure, you’ll learn the technical things you need to be a great teacher – anatomy, sequencing, cueing, and all that other stuff. But you’re also taking a deep, transformational journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-love. When it’s done you’ll be a different person…not a person who’s changed, but rather a person who has a truer understanding of who you really are. You’ll see the beauty and grace inside of yourself, and you’ll be ready to share it with the world in your own unique way.

Your lead trainers and teachers have decades of experience leading teacher trainings around the world! They’ve appeared in Yoga Journal, they’ve studied under influential masters like David Life, Sharon Gannon, Cyndi Lee, and Dharma Mittra, and they’re GREAT at teaching people just like you how to become yoga teachers!

You’re studying at a real school with a full faculty, and 3 to 5 lead trainers, teachers, and additional support staff guiding your training. That means a low student-to-faculty ratio – usually around 1 teacher for every 6 students. It also means tons of personal attention, and a much richer experience than you can get if you were studying with only 1 or 2 teachers!

You’ll learn an advanced teaching style (called “off the mat”) that allows you to teach like a pro, starting with the very first class you teach! Instead of demonstrating every pose from the front of the class, you’ll learn to teach while walking around the room so that you can really see your students and help them deepen their practice. This is an absolutely essential tool if you want to be a top teacher!

You’ll learn so much about yoga, anatomy, and sequencing that you’ll be able to create your own class plans, with endless creativity and variety! (At many other schools you’ll only learn one or two class plans that you’ll teach again and again, and you won’t gain the knowledge or confidence to create your own unlimited class plans.)

Peace of mind. Professional. You won’t have to worry about anything, because we take care of all of the details. And unlike other trainings that may require you to find your own lodging or fend for yourself for meals, we take care of those things for you!

Everything about the resort – from the sleeping rooms to the yoga space to the food – is top-notch. (We could save money if we ran our trainings at so-called “bargain” accommodations. But the truth is that if we skimped on room, food, or resort quality, it would directly impact your ability to learn. Yoga trainings are intense and if you’re at a dumpy property, it’s going to impact your ability to learn. You’ll never have that with us!)

Our staff is dedicated to helping you have the absolutely best experience possible. From the moment you register or reach out to us with a question, until after you’ve graduated, we’re committed to you. We’re organized, we’re professional, and we care!

All of your meals are lovingly prepared, with vegan, gluten-free, and other options always available. In addition, there’s unlimited tea, coffee, and filtered drinking water all day long.
You’ll practice in an environment that’s safe, supportive, and encouraging…that’s when real learning can begin! This requires skilled teachers, and when it’s done well, it’s a beautiful experience. That’s what we do, and that’s what you’ll experience!


  • Fly into Bali’s Denpasar Airport.
  • Transportation to and from the airport is about 1.5 hours. We can coordinate your transfer for you, or you can handle it on your own. Transfers cost $55 USD each way, per person. We highly recommend that you allow us to book your transfer from the airport to the resort! This helps ensure that there are no surprises, and that you arrive to the resort on time, as planned!
  • Training starts mid-afternoon of first day.

WHat does it cost?

Your tuition package includes your YTT program and manual, your accommodations, a healthy breakfast, lunch and tea time, graduation celebration, filtered water and tea all day, one massage, one group cultural excursion and coordination of your airport transfers. Airfare, airport transfer, dinners, lunch on day(s) off, books and hotel gratuity are not included.

There are three different tuition package options – Super Saver, Early Bird and Standard. See below for all details.

Super Saver

Super Saver is the absolute lowest pricing you can get, with tuition discounted as much as $2,800 for the November – December 2017 training! Super Saver deals are offered in limited quantity, for a limited time, on a first-come, first-serve basis. So you have to act fast!

Super Saver pricing requires a larger initial deposit and a faster payment schedule than the other pricing options.

Initial Deposit: $1,000 USD (+3% Credit Card Fee)
Reserved YTT Space: Spaces are only held without a deposit for 3 days. Once the deposit is received, your space is always secure.
Expires: May 1 or until sold out, whichever comes first!

Only 9 Super Saver Packages Left!

  • Triple Occupancy (you + 2 roommates, shared bathroom)
    $9,995 USD (Reg. $12,795 USD)
  • Double Occupancy (you + 1 roommate, shared bathroom)
    $11,995 USD (Reg. $13,995 USD)
  • Single Occupancy (private bungalow, private bathroom)
    $15,595 USD (Reg. $17,995 USD)

Early Bird


Initial Deposit: $500 USD (+3% Credit Card Fee)
Reserved YTT Space: Spaces are only held without a deposit for 3 days. Once the deposit is received, your space is always secure.
Expires: August 1 or until sold out, whichever comes first

Triple Occupancy (you + 2 roommates, shared bathroom)
$11,995 USD (Reg. $12,795 USD)
Double Occupancy (you + 1 roommate, shared bathroom)
$12,995 USD (Reg. $13,995 USD)
Single Occupancy (private bungalow, private bathroom)
$16,895 USD (Reg. $17,995 USD)

Standard Rates

Our Standard Rates are a great value, and they’re always available. They offer a lower deposit than our Super Saver and Early Bird prices, so they’re the best option if you want to make a smaller deposit, or if the Super Saver and Early Bird have already expired.

Initial Deposit: $350 USD (+3% Credit Card Fee)
Reserved YTT Space: Spaces are only held without a deposit for 3 days. Once the deposit is received, your space is always secure.
Expires: valid until the course is sold out

Triple Occupancy (you + 2 roommates, shared bathroom)
$12,795 USD
Double Occupancy (you + 1 roommate, shared bathroom)
$13,995 USD
Single Occupancy (private bungalow, private bathroom)
$17,995 USD